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Refurb & Refresh Your Social Media.

Marketing on social media has changed since its introduction almost twenty years ago.

It can feel like there are so many things to consider it almost isn't worthwhile. But when done properly, with strategy, it can be a great asset in your brand toolkit. Did you know that almost half of social media users say they 'actively' visit a brand's social platform to learn more and see content? Potential clients and customers aged 16 to 34 years old are more likely to visit a brand's social media than they are to use a search engine.

Once you've decided which platform for your business, you'll want to decide what to post there. If you have a preexisting social media account that has been left to grow weeds -- don't abandon it! Instead, give it a scrub up and a fresh bit of attention. This post will explore how to refresh and refurbish an existing brand social account to bring in results.

And's not necessarily as a direct sales channel.

Clean House.

The first step to rehabilitating a 'dead' or more, 'zombie', social media account is giving it a deep clean. Why not start with a brand new page? There's already an existing -- however small -- list of followers on this page. Use that to your advantage when re-launching. But before you draw any more attention to the platform of choice, make sure you'd be proud to show it off!

Yes, that means deleting (or archiving, where possible) all those posts from the graveyard. You can keep a select few, but word to the wise -- be sure that the information your social media presents to potential leads or customers is up to date. There's no harm in culling expired information or posts for the purposes of a cleaner, user friendly experience.

Fresh Paint.

Now that you've brought the account back to as much a blank slate as possible here are some 'features' to consider.

  • Icon & Name: Are your brand icon and name clear? When a post from your account appears in users feeds, you want users to make a correlation between your name or icon with your brand.

  • Links: Do the links you're sharing in your bio or on posts, work? If a user is intrigued enough to visit your brand website -- the goal! -- from your social media, you will instantly lose them if the way there isn't clearly signposted and/or doesn't work.

  • Relevancy: Does your content make sense? Posting just to 'appease' an algorithm or to capitalize on flash in the pan trends that don't speak to your brand values or purpose commits the cardinal sin in social media marketing: inauthenticity. Be wary!


There is no magic recipe for how to populate your various social media platforms for success. But there are some tips and things *not* to do, that will help shape your strategy going forward.

  • Customer service first: The tide of social media is changing and it is no longer 'just' for sharing food snaps and silly videos. Now users are seeking out brands that are active on social media as a customer service channel more so than the telephone or brand email. Having a strategy to communicate to users how they can contact your brand -- and honoring that communication with a prompt, knowledgeable response -- cannot be emphasized enough.

  • Establish credibility: You are the leading expert in your niche or industry, to those who are unitiatied. By providing solutions backed with confidence and experience, you will develop a relationship between your brand name and reliability in the subconscious of your user. Whether that be via short form 'how to' video or by promoting UGC reviews you want your users to trust you and the best way to do that? Be trustworthy.

  • Engage with community: If someone comments on your post -- positive or negative! -- and you have the feature to reply, do so. However 'long' it takes, it matters. Users like to see that brands are engaging with their followers on social media.


If there's a pre-existing social media account, don't scrap it but save it. Clean expired or irrelevant content, freshen up links and logos, then share content that builds trust.

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