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How We Can Work Together

Get in touch today to learn more about our customized strategy for your business or product. We'll have a 30 minute 'get to know you' zoom to discuss the partnership potentials. Read on for a suggestion of the ways Litir Marketing can help you send out your story.



Is this thing on?

Litir Marketing offers a market research bundle with a presentation and report on your positioning among competitors, etc. We'll look at 3 to 5 brands in your space and make suggestions on strengths and weaknesses. 


Your Warmest List

If you don't have an e-mail newsletter already, you're in the perfect position to find your clients where they're most interested: their inbox. Learn how to set up a starter newsletter with our one-on-one guidance.

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Seal the Deal 

Your website is the first stop shop for future clients and contacts. We offer a website audit package including comprehensive feedback and recommendations. Having a website is a great first step, choosing Litir Marketing to improve it is the next best! 

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