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The Three C's.

Updated: May 31, 2023

There are three fundamentals of marketing in the Litir Marketing guidebook: Curation, Community, and Consistency. The Three C's. Start with these three ideas in your tool kit and your marketing strategy can only go up.

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1. Curation

What you share online is your brand's footprint. Curating a brand image and messaging which is memorable and inspires trust, takes time. Staying on top of trends and updates about platforms from social media to newsletters to blogs, means that there is data at your fingertips which can help shape your content to succeed. Show the people what they want and they will respond.

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There's a saying in marketing that no one sees 100% of your content but you. What can we learn from this? Creating content that is relevant to your audience should be top tier in any brand strategy. Yes, that means separating your personal and professional accounts. Yes, that means testing different styles of copy, image, and copy-image combos. Yes, that means changing what used to work when it stops. Your brand image changes on different platforms to accommodate for the audience you're courting there. Getting too comfortable in content is the fastest way to age a brand.

2. Community

Never forget that you are not guaranteed the eyes on your brand. Utilizing community as a foundation rather than a stepping stone will carry your marketing onward to success. Whatever your strategy, the thing to keep in mind are the people you're connecting with. Does this 'sound' authentic to the brand voice and messaging? Does this 'look' like something the brand would share or promote? The fastest way to build community is to step out of your box and support other creators and entrepreneurs. That can be in a number of different ways from commenting, sharing, inviting to co-host an event, etc. The options for building community in your strategy are limitless.

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3. Consistency

Showing up matters. Being consistent in your marketing is crucial but let's be real, who has the time? And how do you know when to cut a channel that's not turning a result? How can you create content in batches that can be used repeatedly across different platforms? All with curation and community in mind, grasshopper. Once you've wrapped your mind around what you're saying and to who, then comes the challenge of when. Or really more so, how often. And spoiler alert: It's more than you think but not as much as you are afraid.

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We Can Help.

Litir Marketing can help you niche down your brand to the curated content that will consistently help grow your community. Want to know how? Send me an email at

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