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Blogging for Business.

Running a business blog is great for your business. You've got a million other things to do, so why does sitting down and writing matter? According to a 2021 Wordpress study something like 400 million online users view over 20 billion blog posts a month. You'd be amazed how a once weekly or monthly blog post affects business overall. In this post we'll look at how a healthy blog strategy builds consumer trust, a content bank and improves your website ranking.

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Sometimes with blogging it can feel there are more challenges than positives but that's not the case! Your concerns about time, content and execution are shared across B2C and B2B colleagues. There's great strides being made in the incorporation and implementation of AI copy but as this piece from Orbit warns: Lots of bloggers use AI for some part of their content creation but not for all of it. People still want to read human writing and while AI is growing ever smarter, the power of your personal perspective on a piece should not be undervalued.

So whether you are writing the content, hiring someone 'fractional', or freelance, to do the writing or using AI and editing your results the overarching important takeaway? Produce the content!

Build Consumer Trust.

Regularly updating your business blog with informative and well written pieces addressing reader needs or wants should be part of your digital strategy. By providing clear and articulate information to your reader, overtime, your business will become a source of knowledge not just a sales push for your base. Putting it simply: Blog to establish credibility as the expert in your field or niche.

A Content Bank.

Every piece of content that you produce or you pay to produce should have at least 3 lives: on your website, on your social, and in your marketing materials (i.e. brochures, newsletters, etc.) That is getting value for your buck! By writing a menu of blogs across topics you have unlimited content to pull from for specially themed social media or newsletter communications. Let's imagine that you are a florist and you write a blog post about 'The Language of Flowers'. That one blog post can be used to inform social media and newsletter posts by achieving the golden rule of digital marketing...

Getting your reader on to your website!

Improving Your Ranking.

Did you know that Google uses over 200 criteria to determine your web page ranking in search results? That's a lot of ways that you can help -- or hurt -- your chances of landing on the first page of Google results with blogging. Common knowledge is that Google likes to provide those searching with concise and direct information in relation to their query, right up front. That's why blogging -- and blogging in response to questions and concerns -- can over time help improve your website rank.

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Writing blogs for your business helps establish credibility in your industry and therefore improve trust in your brand, as well as produce a content bank to be used across multiple channels, and ultimately improve your website ranking.

Get in Touch.

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