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Podcasting for Your Business.

If you're already working on a content marketing strategy for your brand why stop at blog posts and videos? Consider adding 'Podcasts' to your list of high value content with a long shelf life and multichannel appeal. Not convinced yet? In this post we'll look at how starting a podcast can be a cost effective, brand building tool for conversion.

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Podcasts are great but great podcasts take effort and resources. If you want to explore using podcasts as part of your marketing strategy consider the production, quality and content of your podcast as valuable as the possible leads and sales it could inspire. 55% of people tune into podcasts to learn something and be entertained. As of 2021 there were some 2 million podcasts, globally. Don't be intimidated...instead ask: What can I do differently? And go do it!

Build Trust.

Customers like to buy from brands -- and founders, or faces and voices -- they trust. Getting creative about how that relationship develops is par for the course in the online marketplace. There's a lot of competition vying for the same slice of pie so what can you do to set yourself ahead of the rest? Podcasting.

By hosting a podcast you can quite literally 'take the microphone' to become a 'thought leader 'in your field. Become a trusted outlet where people can turn to learn about trends, challenges and opportunities in your industry.

Build Community.

When you've create a space for conversation and information exchange, ideally more and more people will start 'tuning in'. As your community grows, make sure to acknowledge your audience. Without them you're just talking into a microphone into the ether!

You can show appreciation for your audience by involving them in your conversations and asking for their input on future guests or topics of discussion. A golden rule? You never know who may be listening! Your listeners are choosing to be in the space you create so be sure to make it a welcome and positive one for them.

Build Content.

Podcasts are valuable because you can get three different types of content from a single session: audio, visual and written.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

How so? Filming your session in addition to recording the topic --whether you're solo or have a guest -- provides video material for a dedicated YouTube channel which can help you find new audiences. So not only are you sending out your content on the airwaves but you can capture attention on screens, as well. What about the written word? There's even blog potential for your podcast! You can quite literally publish the transcription of your podcast and find yet a third use for your one content session. Podcast content has several lives! Consider how you can use any of the three formats above across social media, your website and your email marketing to make the most bang for your production buck.


Podcasts are excellent for building trust, community and content for your brand. Invest in producing good quality podcasts and you will see results.

Get in Touch.

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