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How to Use LinkedIn QR Code to Connect.

Chances are if you're at a networking event or conference, you might meet someone great in the line for the coffee stall, at an exhibitor booth, or by sitting beside them at a talk. You want to really follow up on a lead they mentioned or think that they could really shed some light on a problem you're facing with the business.

But you've run out of business cards. What to do? Use the LinkedIn QR Code feature.

Not sure how to? Try these three easy steps next time you're networking to elevate your game and bring home connections to benefit your business.

Open your LinkedIn Application

Suggest your potential connection do the same. Bonus points for teaching them how to use this easy and helpful feature.

Click the 'Search Bar' and toggle the 'QR Code' logo on the right hand side

Present 'My Code' or Select 'Scan'

Et voila! Choose to either present your code or ask to scan your connections code and be sure to follow up by confirming the request later, if need be. Bonus points for replying to the connection with a personal message.


Using the LinkedIn QR Code to easily connect with potential leads at events can and should be your natural instinct.

Get in Touch.

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